Loan Rates

Type Description APR#+ Maximum Term Conditions
Auto/Motorcycle2012-Newer2.75% to 16.00%60 Months* ++
Auto/Motorcycle2012-Newer2.75% to 16.50%72 Months* ++
Auto/Motorcycle2012-Newer2.99% to 6.99%84 Months* ++
Auto/Motorcycle2005-20112.75% to 17.00%60 Months* ++
Auto/Motorcycle2005-20112.75% to 17.50%72 Months* ++
Auto/Motorcycle2008-20112.99% to 6.99%84 Months* ++
Auto/Motorcycle1994-20044.99% to 17.00%60 Months* ++
Boats2011-Newer4.99% to 17.00%180 Months
Boats1997-20105.50% to 18.00%180 Months
Travel Trailers2011-Newer4.99% to 17.00%180 Months
Travel Trailers1997-20105.50% to 18.00%180 Months
Off Road Motorcycles, Jet Skis, Snowmobiles2011-Newer5.99% to 17.00%60 Months
Off Road Motorcycles, Jet Skis, Snowmobiles1997-20106.50% to 18.00%60 Months*
Motorhomes2011-Newer4.99% to 17.00%180 Months
Motorhomes1997-20105.50% to 18.00%180 Months
SignatureUnsecured closed end9.99% to 16.00%36 Months
SignatureTime Line16.00%Revolving
Share Certificate3% over rate earned on certificate60 Months***
Share Loan3% over rate earned on Share60 Months***
Money Market Loan3% over rate earned on Money Market60 Months***
Money Market Loan4% over rate earned on Money Market120 Months***

All collateral loans include .25% discount for auto-pay at the time the loan is originated at a branch

+ Rates subject to change without notice.

Important: Competitive rates will be determined by credit evaluation. All terms are contingent on year of vehicle and amount financed.

* Rate varies based on credit profile, collateral and other factors. MSRP - Kelly or NADA retail plus sales tax, license and warranty. Contact credit union lending for specific rate information and length of term. Credit Card rates based upon credit score and credit qualification.

*** Call or email the Credit Union for rates and additional information.

++ Auto/Motorcycle months or "Rule" is 100,000 miles and over, limited to 60 months. Over 100,000 miles 80% retail value, 150k and over will finance 50% of value. Over 200,000 miles not eligible for financing. Terms based on amount financed and are subject to change without notice.

Example: See our loan calculator, or call our Lending Department 509-943-5676 or go to the loan application form option to fill out a loan form online. *72-84 month terms are available on vehicles that have a purchase price of $15,000+. No loan shall exceed $100,000. Ask a representative for specific requirements for listed rate, terms, conditions and service contract options.