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Whether you are looking to purchase a new home, or sell your existing home, at HAPO we understand that buying a home can be confusing and that is why our friendly, knowledgeable mortgage professionals are here to help. We can determine your financing needs and then get you set up with the loan that is best suited to help you reach your financial goals.

HAPO is pleased to offer FHA insured mortgage loans as well. Please contact us for information.

Flexible Financing

  • FHA Mortgages
  • Conventional Fixed Rate Loans
  • Adjustable Rate Loans (ARM's)
  • Low Down Payment Loans
  • Manufactured Home Loans
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Jumbo Loans
  • Land Loans...and MORE!

Home Equity Options

The equity you've built in your home is a great way to free up funds for that new renovation or unforeseen expenses. HAPO offers the following Home Equity options for its members:

  • Fixed Home Equity Loan
  • Home Equity Visa
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HAPO Loan Officers

portrait of loan officer Don Frigaard NMLS# 398192
VP of Mortgage Lending Kennewick 509-946-2044 Don.Frigaard@hapo.org
portrait of loan officer Romelia Cockrum NMLS# 130240
Manager of Mortgage Origination Kennewick 509-946-2044 Romi.Cockrum@hapo.org
portrait of loan officer Jackie Gillette NMLS# 1336721
Loan Officer Kennewick 509-946-2044 Jackie.Gillette@hapo.org
portrait of loan officer Nadia M. Gutierrez NMLS# 483189
Loan Officer Yakima 509-452-4276 Nadia.Gutierrez@hapo.org
portrait of loan officer Michael Joseph Rogers NMLS# 1007216
Loan Officer Kennewick 509-946-2044 Michael.Rogers@hapo.org
portrait of loan officer Ana Celia Valencia NMLS# 995269
Loan Officer Kennewick 509-946-2044 Ana.Valencia@hapo.org
portrait of loan officer Lareena Roberson NMLS # 1199989
Loan Officer Richland 509-946-2044 Lareena.Roberson@hapo.org
portrait of loan officer Jennifer Gibbons NMLS # 857066
Loan Officer Richland 509-946-2044 Jennifer.Gibbons@hapo.org
portrait of loan officer Jonathan Barragan NMLS# 1378708
Loan Officer Yakima 509-946-2044 jonathan.barragan@hapo.org


The following REALTORS® are agents that we have worked with in the past that have provided courteous and professional services to our members.

REALTOR® Email/Website Agency
Vicki Monteagudo vicki@c21-tc.com Century 21 Tri-Cities
Dallas Green dallas@windermere.com Windermere
Chad Markel Chad_Markel@yahoo.com Markel Properties
Christine Brunson jbrunson8125@charter.net Markel Properties
Perry Mason pmason@4aproperties.com 4 A Properties LLC
Mary Lynn Heinen www.TriCityHomes.org Advanced Realty Group
Tracy Lybbert www.TracyLybbert.com Lybbert Real Estate
Willie Stewart www.divinerealty.com Divine Realty
Eunice Hickerson www.housetricities.com Desert Hills Realty
George Eakin www.movetotricitites.com Windermere
Marijo Bowe www.marijoBowe.com Coldwell Banker
Denise Robertson denise@destinctiveprop.com Distinctive Properties
Jill Andrus jillandrus@remax.net Remax
Bryan McGlothin www.rkphone.com Coldwell Banker
Sally Ashby www.sallyashby.com Windermere
Christeen Weitz River Realty
Susan Bond www.distinctiveprop.com Distinctive Properties
Marcia Wyatt www.MarciaWyatt.com Windermere
Mike and Linda Robinson www.mikeandlinda.biz Windermere
Mark Trout mtrout@windermere.com Windermere