Mobile Banking

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is HAPO's Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking enables you to connect to your eligible HAPO accounts via the Internet from your mobile device. You can check account balances, review your recent account activity, transfer funds, and more. It is a connection to HAPO's internet banking that has been optimized for use on the smaller cell phone screens.

How do I start using HAPO's Mobile Banking?

First, register your phone using HAPO's regular Internet Banking web site. The system will give you a registration key number. Then, click or type into the browser of your Web-enabled mobile device (e.g., an iPhone or Android phone), and enter the registration key along with your HAPO Community Credit Union Internet Banking ID and Password.

How do I register my phone?

Log in to HAPO's Internet Banking site, and click the Options button at the top of the page. One of the options is to register a phone. You will be given a registration key to enter the first time you use the phone for HAPO's Mobile Banking. The system will download an electronic token (an encrypted cookie) to store in your browser.

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What accounts can I access with Mobile Banking?

With Mobile Banking, you can access most of the accounts that you can access in HAPO's Internet Banking, including checking accounts, savings, loans and certificates. You can also see your current HAPO VISA credit card account status.

Can I use Bill Pay with Mobile Banking?

Yes, but the Bill Pay function is not optimized for small screens. You can link to the regular Internet Banking Bill Pay site from HAPO's Mobile Banking, but your ability to use the site will depend on the specific capabilities of your phone.

Is HAPO's Mobile Banking secure?

Yes. It uses the exact secure communication protocols used by HAPO's Internet Banking web site. No account or transaction information is stored on your phone. The only thing saved on your phone is the secure token that authorizes your phone to access your account. However, even if you were to misplace your phone, it could only be used to access your account if the user also knows your Internet Banking password. As with normal Internet Banking, you should log out when you are finished with your session. In case you forget, the session will be automatically terminated after ten minutes of no activity.

What if I lose my phone?

You can use your computer to log in to the Internet Teller and delete the authorization key for the phone. In addition, whoever finds your phone would only be able to access your account if they already knew your account number and your password.

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Does HAPO have an "app" for my iPhone?

You can create a link to the Mobile Banking website as an icon on your Home Screen. With the Mobile Banking login screen displayed, tap the middle icon on the bottom of the screen and choose the option "Add to Home Screen". Other smart phones have similar options.

Is HAPO's Mobile Banking free?

Yes, it is a free service from HAPO. Your cell phone carrier may charge you a fee depending on the data plan you have for your mobile device.